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There are many home remedies and DIY ideas that are supposed to help you maintain healthy teeth. But how effective are they? What scientific aching do they have? And most importantly, are these actually harming your teeth? When it comes to teeth, people often believe what they see on some random Facebook post. Sometimes, even generations in a family are misled by ideas passed down through many years. But it is now time to finally take care of your teeth the right way, with input from the best dentist in Bandra, Dr. Krinita Motwani.

Debunk Teeth Myths With the Best Dentist in Bandra

Myths and misconceptions about teeth often seem to make sense to people. They may end up harming their teeth throughout their lives if not guided right. And guiding them right is just what the best dentist in Bandra intends to do. According to Dr Krinita, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry member, incorrect care is a leading reason for unhealthy teeth. So here are a few of the most common myths that people still believe about oral care.

Hard Brushing Equals Clean Teeth

This is one of the most commonly believed and easily debunked teeth care theories. Hard brushing does not help your teeth. On the contrary, it actually wears out the enamel of your teeth and depletes its health. In fact, healthy teeth should have a yellowish tint, unlike what the media leads you to believe.

Cutting Down Sugar Prevents Cavities

While this is somewhat true, the best dentist in Bandra says that sugar is not the cause of cavities. Cavities are caused by acid producing bacteria in your mouth which ruin your enamel. While these bacteria love and can thrive on sugar, cavities aren’t caused by sugar, only accelerated by it. The true solution is brushing and rinsing your mouth thoroughly to get rid of the bacteria.

Hard Toothbrushes Clean Better

When you go shopping for toothbrushes, you might have noticed the labels stating “hard”,
“Medium” and “soft”. It isn’t surprising that people might assume that a hard brush cleans better. But the best dentist in Bandra says that it’s the opposite. Hard toothbrushes are actually abrasive and chip away at the protective layer of your teeth.

Only Visit the Dentist if You Have a Toothache

Many people often tend to consider dentists as optional doctors who only need to be consulted in case of a toothache. But that isn’t true, as the best dentist in Bandra, Dr Krinita Motwani urges her patients to conduct at least a bi-yearly oral check up. If you wait for your teeth to start to start hurting then that means it’s too late. Early check ups can help you detect and eradicate any issues at their root.

Deciduous Teeth Doesn’t Need Much Care

Deciduous teeth or kids’ primary teeth are often considered unimportant since they fall off in a while. This leads many parents to believe that they don’t need to take very good care of their kids’ primary teeth.  But this can have horrible consequences. As the best dentist in Bandra, Dr Krinita Motwani reiterates the importance of primary teeth care. These teeth are the placeholders for their adult teeth. Unless they are maintained properly, they will make adult teeth erupt improperly.

Dr Krinita Motwani, the Best Dentist in Bandra

Dr Krinita Motwani is regarded as the best dentist in Mumbai by many of her long term clients. She is more than just her profession– a creative musician and brilliant cook. So you know your dentist appointments will never be boring!

An alumni of the Governmental Dental College, Mumbai, her track record as practicioner is no less impressive than her alma mater. She has become the most trusted and best dentist in Bandra during her practice, specializing in cosmetic dentistry. Pursuing her inclination a step further, she also completed the “Advanced Postgraduate course in Aesthetic Dentistry” offered by the reputed Manipal College of Dental Sciences.

But, this is not just what makes her the best dentist in Bandra. She loves her patients and takes care of their health as if her own. An empathetic listener, she understands the concerns of each person. Maintaining the friendly and helpful atmosphere in her clinic to ensure her patients’ comfort is of utmost importance to her. The brilliant designer in her has created an ambience in her clinic that actually makes her dental clinic a place that people actually enjoy. In fact, you could even refer to it as a state of the art dental studio with cutting edge equipment and acclaimed practitioners.

She offers specialized services such as teeth whitening, smile makeovers, single sitting root canals and preventive dentistry services.

We would definitely suggest that if you are experiencing any difficulties with your teeth to pay her a visit.