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What to expect when extracting a wisdom tooth

What are wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the last 4 teeth in each side of the upper and lower jaw. They usually erupt between 17 to late 20s. Wisdom teeth often come out with pain and uneasiness as they don’t always have sufficient place in the mouth. More often than not they come out at an un-favorable angulation causing trouble to the other teeth.

The patient has pain in the jaw, sometimes radiating to the head and neck .Other symptoms are swelling in the gums, not able to chew properly or open the mouth. Then visiting the dentist and removing the teeth is the only option.

Before removal of teeth

  • At the dentist’s clinic, a complete examination is done and the severity of the pain is understood.
  • A full mouth x ray (OPG) is made to further understand the position and condition of teeth.
  • If the patient has swelling around the teeth then he/she is given antibiotics and called again after 1-2 days for the treatment.
  • The patient is expected to tell the dentist about any medical condition or consuming any medicine which will be contraindicated to the surgery. They are advised to cease the medication few days prior and then surgery is performed.
  • The patient is recommended to have a proper meal before the visit.

During the treatment

  • The surgery is performed under local anesthesia which makes the area of operation numb and also controls blood loss.
  • If the tooth is inside the bone or covered with the gums or coming out at an angle, a cut is made on the gums to expose the tooth and bone.
  • The bone over the tooth is removed with the help of a drill.
  • Once the tooth is visible, it can be extracted. The easiest way is to cut the tooth into divided segments and remove it in parts.
  • Proper dressing and suture is given to close the wound.

Does wisdom tooth removal hurt?

Due to the anesthesia used, pain isn’t felt during the surgery. Patient might feel some pressure while the tooth is being removed.

After surgery

  • There maybe some pain/discomfort after the effect of anesthesia wears off.
  • There can be swelling and patient may have difficulty in opening the mouth which subsides after few days.
  • The patient should eat soft food for a few days and avoid eating from the side of extraction.
  • The patient has to come after a week to get the sutures removed.