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Regular Dental Check-up

Ever wondered why your dentist asks you to get your oral check-up done regularly??

Or ever thought of how getting dental check-ups done on a regular basis can be so beneficial??

So here’s an article showing you the importance of regular dental check-ups.

Dentists are not just concerned about fixing your teeth but they are also concerned about protecting and conserving them as much as can be done but for that early detection of signs and symptoms is very important.

Here are some very important reasons why you should visit a dentist regularly…


Cavities , plaque and tartar…

No matter how well you brush and floss there’s still a few areas missed by brushing and flossing. Thus plaque accumulation and solidification at those areas can lead to tartars or cavities which there by becomes difficult to get rid of, thus regular cleaning will be helpful in preventing cavities at an early stage.

Gum diseases…

Poor oral hygiene can lead to a number of diseases most of them including the gums. Plaque and debris accumulation can start getting collected below the gums thus resulting in swollen, puffed, red, loose and bleeding gums which there by results in gingivitis or can worsen and lead to periodontal problems which can be treated by surgeries. Thus to avoid these one should get their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. Cleaning on time can help prevent a lot of diseases.

Bad/Deleterious Habits…

One may not get to know but your day to day habits and lifestyle affects your oral health a lot. Stress, smoking, alcohol etc all have a negative impact on your oral tissues and the results of which can go unnoticed if not checked by a dental professional. For example, stress leads to a tooth grinding habit at night which damages your teeth. Thus visiting a dentist can help in managing the damage already done and preventing any further damage to take place by altering your lifestyle.

“Thus visiting dental clinics are worth the effort. Skipping dental appointments may not appear to be big a deal for now but oral issues develops and progresses quickly before you even notice it”