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How do I get rid of bad breath?

Did you hear about halitosis sometimes? Perhaps not, but you are certainly familiar with bad breath. Halitosis is nothing but the scientific name of bad breath.

Halitosis does not need a doctor to diagnose because it can be felt by others. However, when the bad breath becomes chronic and it does not get away with oral hygiene, or it has symptoms, you will need an expert.

Doctors examine your mouth and find out the root cause of bad breath.

It is quite an embarrassing problem. It is the reason people go to a dental clinic in Mumbai to get a cure. However, you can fight bad breath and keep the oral health good by following some simple practices daily.

Brush and floss the teeth

Brushing your teeth thrice (at least twice) is recommended by the dentists. It removes food debris and plaque before they become the cause of bacterial manifestation.

Flossing is equally important as brushing. It is ignored by people, though. Dental floss removes food particles in between the gaps of two teeth.

Brushing the teeth with a pinch of baking soda reduces the acidity in the mouth. Thus, bacteria do not get favorable condition to grow and do not develop bad breath.

Scrape the tongue

Again, many people do not take care of cleaning the surface of the tongue. By using a simple tongue scraper, you reduce the build-up of bacteria on the tongue surface.

If you do not have a tongue cleaner, then it is possible to clean the tongue using your toothbrush.

Quit bad habits

Smoking, chewing tobacco products are bad habits that cause not just bad breath but trigger several other serious problems.

Tobacco dries the mouth and causes fibrosis in the long run. Also, tobacco has an unpleasant smell that lingers on even if you brush the teeth.

Hence, the best thing is to get rid of these habits.

Include fresh and crispy fruits and vegetables

Crispy vegetables and fruits increase the saliva secretion, which washes away bacteria. Also, these snacks give exercise to the teeth and improve oral health.

An empty stomach may cause a a foul smell of breath and because of the buildup of acid in the stomach. By munching fresh and crispy fruits and vegetable you suppress the acid and reduce bad breath.

Meet the dentist

Yes, do not ignore the problem of halitosis. Fix an appointment with the top dentist In Mumbai to get the fundamental cause of the problem.

Remember, bad breath could be a symptom of some other systematic (internal) problem. It could be because of unhealthy gums also.

If the bad breath is caused by dentures or braces, then it is important to take extra care.

When cleanliness is not maintained, it may cause bad breath. Food particles get clogged in the gaps and cause a bad smell.

If braces are not properly fit, then it may cause soreness and leads to infection. It results in a foul smell. Your doctor will find out the right cause.