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All you need to know about Dental Implant Treatment in Mumbai

Whether you need the replacement of one tooth or wear a complete set of dentures, you are always worried about the effectiveness and utility of the new teeth.

The removable dentures are comfortable to wear, but they have inherent problems. They may slip or fall. Even a single tooth replacement or bridge may also become less functional.

Thanks to the development in medical science, the new dental implants emerge as a useful alternative. The best Dentist in Bandra helps you in getting a permanent improvement in the appearance.

Discomfort in chewing or malfunctioning of the teeth happens when there is a partial loss of teeth. With the help of dental implants, it is possible to get new teeth that look, feel and work like the natural ones.

If you think that the dental implant is a solution for a lost tooth only, then you are mistaken. It is used by cosmetic dentists to enhance the appearance and correct the gaps in your smile.

Why choose Dental implant treatment in Khar, Mumbai?

Dr Krinita Motwani is amongst the best dentist in Mumbai who offers a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments including dental implant treatment in khar, Mumbai.

Since the dental implants are incredibly stable, durable, and long-lasting; they give the feeling of natural teeth.

When you lose a tooth, the bone supporting the tooth shrinks. The socket that holds the tooth recedes, and the bone gets smaller and smaller over time.

The typical “sunken-faced” look is a sign of reduction in the bone size. When the bone shrinks continuously, it results in further tooth loss.

Though restoration methods such as dental bridge slow down the shifting of teeth, it doesn’t prevent the bone loss. Thus, ultimately the person faces the same trouble.

What is the solution then? It is nothing but the dental implant. An experienced dentist like Dr Krinita Motwani checks the condition of the teeth and offers the best-fit implant solution.

What is a Dental Implant?

The dental implant is like any other permanent surgical material. It integrates with the bone gradually and becomes part of it. The dental implant cost in Mumbai has come down drastically in the past few years. It is a simple procedure that doesn’t need any hospitalization.

The implants are made from titanium. Due to its incredible ability to integrate with bone; it is the material of choice.

Small titanium screws are about the size of the root of the natural teeth. It is threaded inside and outside. Once it gets fixed in the bone, the appropriate crown is fixed on the head of the implant.

Dental implants give amazing functional and cosmetic benefits.

Varieties of implants

Standard implants: It is for the replacement of one tooth. Once the implant heals, it is added with a crown.

Implant supported bridge: It is for the replacement of more than one tooth and a perfect replacement for partial dentures. One or more implants support a bridge that stays in the mouth.

All-on-four or All-on-six: They give permanent full-mouth restoration. The fixed bridges replace all teeth. The stability and functionality are marvelous.

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