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5 Major Benefits of Invisalign treatment in Mumbai

If you are considering Invisalign as a treatment for your teeth alignment and for straightening your teeth, you will want to know all there is to know about this orthodontic method. Dr. Krinita Motwani, known to be one of the best dentist in khar, Mumbai, gives you tips on the big advantages of Invisalign. You may already be aware that invisalign is removable. Moreover, the invisalign cost in Mumbai is not too much. However, just knowing that is not enough. You should have adequate knowledge from before such that you can come to informed decisions about whether to opt for it. This treatment allows for a more comfortable experience without the scrapes other orthodontic options can cause. Moreover, Invisalign trays can also be removed. This makes brushing your teeth, eating and everyday chores more convenient those other options. If you need a quick consultation about the treatment & invisalign cost in mumbai, you can enquire here, besides, below are the top 5 benefits of Invisalign treatment in mumbai.

1. Discretion

If you did not already know it, I would like to tell you that invisalign is clear. Invisalign has got its name from the fact that it is invisible. Therefore, this is the ideal option for anyone as it allows you to straighten your teeth discretely.

2. Enhanced confidence

Most patients feel more confident wearing invisalign than braces because the former does not change their outer appearance. People will pay more attention to your smile and to what you are saying, instead of your invisalign or your changed appearance, when you wear invisalign and smile or say something.

3. No sharp of poking wires

Another major advantage is that it is not made of any metal. This means zero metal brackets and zero metal wires. As your aligners are made from smooth plastic, you don’t have to worry about mouth sores or discomfort. Aligners fit comfortably in your mouth and make it feel much more natural than when wearing braces.

4. Fewer appointments

Your invisalign treatment in Mumbai will require fewer visits to your dentist. You will need to seek an appointment every 8 to 10 weeks. Your appointment will be brief and it will not require any adjustments. Instead they will simply comprise of your dentist giving you new trays. Therefore, invisalign cost in Mumbai is cost effective & overall a low maintenance treatment.

5. Sport and band approved

Patients who are members of sports teams or a band can go about their activities without having any hindrance in participating in extracurricular activities. The same cannot be said of braces, however. Also, in the event of a stray ball coming towards your mouth, invisalign also provides your teeth with protection.


Invisalign can definitely improve your bite or smile, but you have to be a disciplined patient for that and visit Dr. Krinita Motwani, who is a well-known & one of the best dentist in Bandra. You must keep your trays in twenty-two hours a day. So, when you reach the end of your invisalign journey, all these hours will be well worth it. Invisalign does hurt, but not as much as metal braces. The pain fades away after you adjust to wearing your aligners.

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