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Top 5 questions you should ask your dentist during your consultation

We have them answered for you !!!!
If you have been thinking about visiting your neighborhood dentist for the first time you might want to have a copy of the following essential questions to ask during your initial visit. This set of questions will help you to decide whether you should book for a second visit or not……. your first dental visit is the appropriate time for you to know the dentist better. Apart from how the dentist handled your questions, it is also best for you to notice the way the staff treated you, the cleanliness of the clinic and its overall atmosphere etc.
How often should I get a dental check-up?
Dental health varies from person to person but it is recommended for adult patients to visit a dentist once or twice a year, even if their mouth is in excellent condition. This enables you to get your teeth cleaned professionally on a regular basis and ensure that any potential problems are identified early.
What are the best ways to practice good oral hygiene at home?
It’s vital that all adults engage in daily brushing and flossing but to take your oral hygiene to the next level, follow a handful of particular steps to good oral hygiene that includes:
1. Using fluoride toothpaste
2. Limiting snacks that are high in sugar
3. Eating a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables
4. Avoiding tobacco in any form
Why should I have dental x-rays taken?
X-rays are a permanent record of the condition of your teeth and allow for a comparison in case of any cavities, bone of gum issues.
How can I improve the whiteness of my teeth?
A beautiful smile showing clean, white teeth give a tremendous boost to your confidence. Most people experience some discoloration of teeth over the years, either from surface stains or internal stains. Stains which are caused by coffee, wine, tobacco, and pigmented foods can be treated by professional in-office whitening. For intrinsic discoloration consider composite bonding or Dental porcelain veneers for the affected teeth.
Why should I consider dental implants?
Dental implants are the ideal way to replace your missing or weakened teeth. Implants are permanent and serve as a good alternative to dentures/ bridges for anyone with an otherwise healthy mouth and jaw.

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