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Maintaining clean healthy white teeth

Maintaining clean healthy white teeth


Why feel embarrassed if there are easy and effective methods available? Modern dentistry makes it possible. You can find several dental clinics in bandra west where dental experts can make your teeth shining white, healthy and young.

However, to your surprise the natural color of our teeth is not pearly white as it is depicted in the advertisements of toothpaste.

It is usually a light-yellow tint that tends to darken with age. It happens because the enamel erodes and cracks over time. It exposes the dentine which is porous in texture.

Thus, it absorbs food colors and pigments. Also, the stains grip onto the yellow, hard substance called plaque and causes a build-up of tartar.


Stay away from so-called ‘DIY’ methods

People get worried because of the pigmentation of the teeth and frantically search for some quick remedies. By Googling, they find several so-called “Do it yourself” methods that claim to make the teeth pearly white.

Using Hydrogen peroxide for rinsing or rubbing teeth with lemon water or using baking soda for brushing the teeth are a few solutions available on the Internet.

The effectiveness of such methods is not clinically proven. Also, there is always a doubt about their safety. Hence, dentists raise caution and suggest staying away from such ‘natural’ remedies.

Instead of relying on these self-proclaimed methods, it is always suggested to meet expert cosmetic dentists who know the effective and scientific ways of making the teeth sparkling white without damaging them.

If you are puzzled that how to search for the best dental clinic near me, then you should get the help of the Internet.


The “clinical” method of making your teeth icy white

You should meet the cosmetic dental surgeon at Dr Krinita Motwani Dental Clinic which is one of the best dental clinics in bandra west. There you get the best teeth whitening treatment.

A protective gel is applied on the gums or a rubber shield is used. Bleaching gel is applied on the teeth. If required, then Laser beam is used for enhancing the impact.

The entire process doesn’t take more than 15 minutes and it is painless. Hence, you can plan it while coming back from the office on a Friday evening.

If you choose at home bleach, then the doctors give a customized transparent tray that can be fitted to teeth. You are supposed to wear it overnight.

The speed of whitening is slower in case of at-home bleach.