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Painless Root Canal

Which is the most painful dental treatment? Yes, it is indeed the root canal treatment. However, you will be surprised to know that it is a perception, not a reality.

Though the conventional method also doesn’t cause pain, you get 100% painless root canal treatment when you meet an expert Dentist in Bandra.

Root canal treatment

What is root canal treatment and when is it recommended? It is carried out when there is a decay in the tooth. It is also recommended when the fracture is deep, and it has affected the pulp of the teeth.

The center of the teeth is soft lie gum where the nerves terminate. When the nerves get exposed, it causes severe pain.

When the top dentist in Mumbai performs the root canal treatment, damaged or infected pulp tissues are removed and replaced by artificial inert filling material which is 100% biocompatible.

The tooth becomes brittle after the treatment, and it is protected by the crown. Since the procedure is carried out under anesthesia, it is painless. In the modern root canal treatment, sophisticated machines and equipment are used to make the recovery fast.

Single sitting root canal

The procedure is performed in one go, and it requires more preparation.

Local anesthesia is applied to make the tooth and surrounding area numb. A tiny opening is made on the biting surface, and dead tissues are removed. The root canals are also cleaned, disinfected and sealed so that they remain intact.

If the infection still exists, then multiple sittings may be required to get rid of it altogether.

When do the experts decide for it?

Pain in the tooth while chewing or excessive pain while taking hot or cold food are the symptoms when a root canal treatment is required.

The cases of root canal treatment are increasing every year because of improper food habits and poor dental health.

Consumption of junk food, chocolate, tea, coffee, and aerated drinks cause severe damage to the teeth. Dr Krinita Motwani, the top dentist in Mumbai says that earlier the treatment was rarely required for kids. However, now even toddlers also undergo the root canal treatment.

It is an alarming situation. Since it is very much possible to avoid the root canal treatment by following proper dental hygiene, every school should educate the kids about maintaining oral hygiene.

Once the natural teeth are damaged, it is not possible to get the perfect replacement even if you meet one of the top 10 dentist in Mumbai.

The treatment is done after a detailed consultation and investigation.

Post-operative care

The tooth will become sensitive and tender. Painkillers are prescribed by doctors to relieve the pain or discomfort.

Gradually, the tooth recovers and functions normally.