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What To Expect in Your Dental Hygiene Appointment?

When you are planning to visit the best dentist in Bandra, should you book a dental hygiene appointment too? Well, it’s certainly recommended to do so, as this can be a cost-effective and simple way to achieve healthy natural teeth that are free from plaque, cavities and gum diseases. The dentist will also provide advice on the various lifestyle changes that can enhance the appearance of your gums and teeth- keeping them at their best condition for a long period of time.

Phases of Dental Hygiene Appointment

Your first appointment for dental hygiene can be an hour long, the time usually varies depending on the requirements of individuals. It can be divided into four different phases and these are:

  1. Discussion

In this phase, the dentist will analyze your medical history and assess the present condition of teeth and gums. Here, the focus remains on the various medications, disorders or illness and their impact on the tissues and organs of the body. As there are many oral diseases that occur as an aftereffect of the systematic disorders.

Thus, it’s important to inform the dentist about any particular disease that you had been suffering from, allowing them to administer the ultimate treatment.

  1. Complete Oral Exam

A comprehensive examination is performed prior to the cleaning procedure. Your cheeks, tongue, gums and teeth and examined to spot any form of abnormalities. Through this periodontal session, the dentist is able to recognize the possibility of tissue damage and then determine if regular cleaning would be the right option or not.

  1. Polishing and Cleaning

After the essential information has been collected, the dentist will be all set to polish and clean the teeth. This process is termed as scaling, in which specialized instruments are used for breaking and washing away debris and deposits that stick to the gums and teeth. It is a painless procedure, where you only experience a mild sensitivity.

  1. Education

In the final phase, the dentist will provide guidance about preventative measures that can be followed for maintaining those pearly whites. If any sort of restorative treatment is required then this is the phase where the dentist will inform about it. Further, if you have been diagnosed with an oral condition then appointments will be scheduled with the cosmetic dental clinic in Mumbai for proper treatment.

Remember: If there are any queries that you have regarding the dental appointment then never forget to discuss them with the dentist, as only the top 10 dentists in Mumbai can cater the services that you are looking for.