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Why should you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids

Why should you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids? Here are 5 reasons.

Healthy teeth need consistent care. This is as true for kids as it is for adults. But is it enough to choose any dentist for your kids? Since most dentists are trained to treat adult teeth, the intricacies of growing teeth might be lost on them. This is where pediatric dentists come in. But, why should you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids? They are the pediatricians of dentistry.

Your baby might start showing signs of teething almost as early as 6 months old. From their infancy to childhood and teen years, your kid should have a regular pediatric dentist. After all, these are the foundational years of their teeth. Therefore, they need all the help they can get to keep their teeth healthy during this critical period. Ultimately, the first step in preventing issues like cavities in your kids should be taken by you.

So, if you’ve ever caught yourself wondering why should you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids, here is your answer. Cross that, here are 5 answers for you. After all, the question of why should you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids doesn’t have any shortage of answers.

Who is a Pediatric Dentist?

Before considering why should you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids, you need to know what they do. A pediatric dentist is essentially a pediatrician for teeth. They are trained to provide oral care for your kids from infancy through adolescence. More importantly, they are also trained to care for kids with special health needs. In other words, a pediatric dentist will have specific training to deal with your kid’s dental issues from around 6 months till they are eighteen.

These dentists will be able to identify, assess, prevent and treat oral health conditions like tooth decay. Since the oral structure of your kid is totally different from an adult, they will have more insight into what to do than a normal dentist. Moreover, they will also provide you with services like orthodontic procedures, preventive treatments and gum disease management.

In addition to that, pediatric dentists also receive training to work with kids who have special needs. If your kid is diagnosed with a condition like ADHD or autism, going to a dentist could be nerve-racking. However, you can fully trust a pediatric dentist with them. After all, they are specially trained to understand your kid and use the right tools and approaches to help them.

Your pediatric dentist should be highly qualified and experienced. In fact, along with four years of dental school, make sure your dentist has pediatric dental training. Your pediatric dentist is fully trained only after attending a speciality dental education program with a focus on pediatric dental training. In other words, your pediatric dentist should be proficient in,

  • child development
  • oral pathology
  • child psychology
  • radiology
  • General anesthesia & sedation
  • Special needs patient care
  • advanced procedures (diagnostic & surgical)
  • child oral trauma
  • child-related pharmacology

Why Should You Choose a Pediatric Dentist for Your Kids?

Now that you know who a pediatric dentist is and what they do, it’s time to ask one key question. Why should you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids? If you are reading this you are probably a parent. So, you would know that kids are not always model patients. They might not know what is bothering them, or they might simply be too restless. This is why pediatricians are specially trained to understand the mind of a kid. More than any best dentist in Mumbai, apediatric dentist will understand all your kid’s dental needs.

The question of why should you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids deserves an informative answer. After all, you are choosing the carer for your kid’s smiles. That is why when you ask us why should you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids, we make it detailed.

Here are 5 reasons why a pediatric dentist is not just an option, but rather a necessity.

They are trained specialists.

With the years of specialized training they go through, your kids will be in expert hands. From the development of your kid’s primary teeth to their wisdom teeth, they will know exactly what to do. Above all, your pediatric dentist will also know child psychology and pharmacology, helping them calm down nervous or restless kids.

They know how a child’s teeth work.

Your child’s oral system undergoes big and rapid changes as they grow. As a matter of fact, their entire jaw shape changes as they grow! Moreover, teeth straightening and other corrective measures work better during the developmental stages of your kid’s teeth. A pediatric dentist will be trained to deal with any issues that arise in your kid’s oral growth.

They can focus on preventive care.

A pediatric dentist will be a part of your child’s dental journey to adulthood. They can be a good influence when it comes to teaching them about good oral hygiene and healthy habits that last a lifetime. In addition to that, they can tell you what to look out for. For instance, a pediatric dentist will be able to detect possible cavities or toothaches and treat them before it’s late.

They use kid-friendly tools in a kid-friendly environment.

Yes, standard-sized dental equipment will work for kids. But, there are tools specifically designed to cater to your kid’s oral needs. These tools ensure that dental procedures are comfortable for your kid. Along with that, a pediatric dentist will take extra measures to make your kid feel safe. Introducing the tools they use, handing out small rewards and toys– these are all measures a pediatric dentist might take to boost your kid’s confidence. This will also help them get over their fear of the dentists’ chair.

They will educate you about your kid’s teeth.

A pediatric dentist will collaborate with you when it comes to your kid’s dental care. They will tell you any negative signs to look for and about the good oral habits you have to impart to your kids. Since they also require periodical recertification, you can trust that every bit of info your pediatric dentist gives will be up-to-date.

Hope your question– why should you choose a pediatric dentist for your kids?– is answered. So, why wait more, give your kids a shining smile by booking a consultation with the best pediatric dentist in Mumbai.

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