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Ten Bad Foods For Your Teeth

What makes the food bad and unhealthy for teeth is the presence of bacteria that process sugar in the mouth to thrive. When the sugar is burned, it releases acids that will dissolve the enamel of the tooth and cause the formation of cavities. Here is a list of 10 foods that are bad for your teeth.

  1. Popcorn

These are buttered and puffy bits of snack that can easily get stuck in your teeth and cause bacteria buildup. Also, the kernels and the hulls that are sharp can cause cuts in your gums.

  1. Soft drinks

If you have a syrupy beverage like cola is extremely harmful to the teeth, especially if you happen to nurse your drink for a while.

  1. Hard candy

When you are having candy, you run the risk of dental emergencies like cuts inside the mouth as well as cracked teeth.

  1. Alcoholic beverages

Alcohol reduces the saliva in the mouth and the natural saliva production gets decreased. Also, alcohol will irritate the soft tissues of the mouth.

  1. Citrus

We request you not to suck on lemons. They are full of citric acid and are not conducive to the health of the mouth. Foods that are high in acid like tomatoes, lemons, and limes can act as agents of food decay.

  1. Potato Chips

These get trapped between the teeth and induce the bacteria to cause plaque.

  1. Dehydrated foods

Dried foods, though nutritious, have a flip side to them. Being high in sugar, they can be the breeding ground for bacteria.

  1. Jelly

Jams happen to be loaded with sugar. They encourage the buildup of bacteria and plaque and need brushing after use.

  1. Tea and coffee

Coffee and tea are a perennial favorite with people, but you need to be vigilant and clean your teeth after drinking these beverages.


  1. Ice

Well, this might sound a bit odd, but if you chew ice, your teeth are going to revolt and give you a massive headache. Use ice in the normal way, like spiking your drink.

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