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Causes & Treatment of Teeth Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity is a common problem that occurs when gums pull away from the teeth at the gumline. Thus, the dentin layer of the teeth gets exposed and the microscopic pores (known as tubules) that lead to teeth nerve become unprotected.

As a result, you feel severe pain while consuming too hot or too cold food items, acidic food, or sweet and sticky food like chocolate.

The pain is quite sharp and sudden, but it lasts for a short time. However, due to the great discomfort associated with it, you feel a need to meet an expert Dentist in Mumbai.

Fortunately, it is possible to treat tooth sensitivity and improve the condition at good dental clinics such as Dr Krinita Motwani Dental Clinic.

Why do the teeth become sensitive?

When you visit the best Dental Clinic in Mumbai to get treatment of tooth sensitivity, the doctor tries to figure out the cause of sensitive teeth. Several reasons can trigger it.

  • The recession of gums: When gums recession happens, the base of the teeth gets exposed. It happens after periodontal disease. Thus, the dentin exposes and causes pain.
  • Brushing too hard: When people brush the teeth with a force or use a hard toothbrush, the enamel wears down. It causes gum recession and in turn tooth sensitivity.
  • Gingivitis: It is a gum disease where inflamed, sore gums result in the exposure of the root of a tooth.
  • Cracks in the teeth: Cracked teeth become the breeding ground of bacteria. It causes plaque, inflammation in the pulp of the teeth, and abscess and infection.
  • Plaque: Excessive accumulation of plaque causes a decay in the enamel of the teeth. It gets converted into tooth decay and sensitivity.
  • Overuse of mouthwash: Sometimes, mouthwash contains acid. If your teeth are already sensitive, then the mouthwash will make the condition worse. Further damages will happen to the dentin layer.
  • Dental procedure: Some dental procedures, e.g., root planning, crown replacement, restoration procedures or even simply cleaning can cause teeth sensitivity.

How to treat Tooth Sensitivity?

Initial stages of sensitivity can be treated using over-the-counter medicines. You have to meet the Best dentist in Mumbai if the problem is severe.

Treatment will be given based on the symptoms and severity. The doctor will check whether the ongoing sensitivity is because of some more serious problems.

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