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­Make Your Child Like The Dentist

You have usually seen a big frown on your child’s face as soon as the word “Dentist”comes up. The panic is because of a big guy with scary instruments and needles working in their mouth. It is very important to make the child like the dentist so that they understand the importance of good teeth.

Parents concerned about the child’s teeth should follow some simple steps:

Begin early

Begin at home and at an early age. Brush your child’s mouth when their first teeth come out. Get your child to a dentist by the time they turn 1. This will get them accustomed to the dentist and the environment at a young age and reduce chances of fear from the dentist.

Promote oral health

Parents can start by making a regular brushing schedule. They must also tag along and follow the schedule. The child should be encouraged and be rewarded. Tell them that visiting a dentist will make their teeth stronger and keep them germ free.

Having a positive attitude

Be a positive role model. If you are apprehensive about your dentist visit, your child will pick up your anxiety and fear. Always use positive words like ‘strong and healthy teeth’, ‘clean teeth’ and reinforce ideas about cleanliness and oral health. Avoid making the dentist sound like a bad guy.

Go to a Pedodontist

A Pedodontist is a specialist in child dental care has 3 years of extra knowledge about working with children. Their clinic environment and dental staff is children friendly.They make the treatment procedures fun. They know methods and ways to calm their fears. They use simple language and their vocabulary is child friendly.

Don’t take the child to your dental appointment

You may think it is a good idea but it is not. Your anxiety and jitters could affect the child. Even the harsh and boring surrounding of the adult clinic may feed the dental fears the child already has.


Reward the child for his good behavior by taking them to the park or for movie or buying them a healthy snack. Avoid buying anything sweet and sticky.