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Why you need to drink more water to protect your teeth

Water is one of the healthiest drinks so far on this planet and there are numerous benefits of drinking adequate water. From distribution of healthy nutrients by keeping you hydrated to removing waste from the body, water is good for your general health. But did you know it can be beneficial for your teeth too?  Yes, sipping H2O can keep your teeth healthy and pearly white, especially if the water is fluoridated. Drinking more water is also advised by the dentist in Bandra as it is one of the easiest ways to keep your dental health in top shape.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits your teeth get from drinking more water.

It Strengthens Your Teeth

By drinking fluoridated H20 you are helping your teeth to gain strength. Fluoridated water has properties that make your teeth stronger by restoring phosphorus and calcium levels in teeth enamel. Fluoride salts typically have bitter tastes and are odorless. So when it is mixed with water, it almost tastes like normal drinking H20. Water fluoridation reduces tooth decay and is effective for preventing the cavity. Dental clinics in Bandra West recommend fluoridated water for children. When fluoride enters the bloodstream from a young age, permanent teeth have lesser chances of decaying.

It Keeps Bacteria At Bay

Drinking soda, juice, or sports drinks may act as refreshments after you had a meal, but unwanted sugar and food particles stuck in between your teeth. The bacteria that cause cavities in the mouth can breed and produce acid with the help of the sugar which further weakens the enamel, your teeth’s outer shell.  Thus, it is better to conclude your meals with water because it cleans mouth like nothing else.

If you can’t resist sugary drinks, have them but don’t forget to take sips of water after that. Water helps in cleaning your mouth and washes away cavities causing bacteria, dilutes acidity content in your mouth, and gives you odor-free breath. Brushing twice daily is still a must, apart from sufficient H20 intake

But, if your teeth have already decayed, drinking water won’t improve the condition to be honest. You have to go for dental implants like crowing or bridging. Know the dental implant cost in Mumbai from a reputed dental clinic.

Reduces Dry mouth problem

Dry mouth problem is common and can happen to anyone at some point of time. The condition can often be associated with not enough saliva secretion in the mouth that keeps it wet. It happens generally when you are nervous or stressed. Dry mouth can bring difficulty in chewing, swallowing and talking. The risks of fungal infection and tooth decay are also higher when you have dry mouth. So, next time you face a dry mouth problem, reach for a glass of water for rehydration.

Not just teeth, but boosts body immunity

Drinking a glass of water in the morning before you brush your teeth can be very effective in eliminating germs and bacteria that harbor inside your mouth over the night. It makes tooth-brushing more useful. By developing the habit of drinking water every day after you wake up, you will develop body immunity and won’t fall sick frequently.

There are many such benefits of drinking water and fluoridated H20. Make sure you pay regular visit to your dentist as well alongside drinking water for a healthy oral hygiene.