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Digital X-Rays

The advent of advanced digital x- rays and imaging has reduced exposure to radiation and time consumed, thereby increasing ease of diagnosis and patient comfort.

Who Is This Treatment For?

Digital x-rays are advised for those areas of decay that may not be visible with an oral examination especially small areas of decay between teeth, helps in the preparation of tooth implants, braces, dentures or other dental procedures, a dental infection which is at the root of the tooth / between the gum and a tooth like an abscess and for the other abnormality like tumours, cysts etc.

1. Pre Treatment Preparation

A detailed consultation should be done with the dentist to understand why an X-ray is needed to know the status of the affected tooth. After your all questions are answered then a dentist takes an x-ray to start the required procedure.

2. Procedure

Dental x-rays require no special preparation. At the dentist’s office you will sit in a chair,the x-ray machine is positioned alongside your head to record digital images of your mouth which are available for perusal immediately.

3. Post Treatment Care

There is no such post – treatment after an X-ray.

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