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Best practices to keep your teeth healthy

“A genuine smile comes from the bottom of the heart, but for a healthy smile you need good dental care.”

It is not about just having a beautiful smile, but good oral hygiene keeps the gums healthy and the teeth strong. Meet the Best Dentist in khar west to know in detail.

They last longer and gives you the enjoyment of life.

What are the best practices to achieve good oral health? What can you do to avoid gum problems and premature loss of teeth?

The blog talks about a few practices recommended by the top 10 dentist in Mumbai.

Brush the teeth well

Many people misunderstood it by brushing the teeth aggressively. It is not needed. In fact, it causes more damage than benefit.

Use a toothbrush with soft bristles. It is essential to brush the teeth twice a day.

Gentle, circular motions and strokes clean the surface without damaging it. Go to some good Dental Clinic in Mumbai to understand the right way of brushing if you feel so.

Always use fluoride toothpaste

It is important to use toothpaste that contains fluoride, an element that prevent cavities. Read the ingredients of the paste to find out whether the paste contains fluoride or not.

Don’t forget the floss

Most of the people ignore dental floss which is, in fact, equally important to brushing. Floss removes plaque and food particles accumulated in between the teeth.

Gently push the floss down to the gumline. Use up and down motions hugging the side of the tooth. Don’t snap the floss up and down between the teeth.

It doesn’t remove plaque and causes pain.

See a dentist

People go to a dental expert when there is some problem with the gums or teeth. It is often too late. Even the Best dentist in Mumbai can’t do much if the damage has already been happened to the teeth.

Hence, it is better to be proactive instead of reactive.

Most of the problems can be diagnosed and treated before they get severe. Ideally, one should have a checkup every six months.

Stop smoking

Any form of tobacco is bad for teeth as it increases the risk factor for not only gum disease but more severe ailments like Cancer.

It has been found that smoking reduces the speed of healing after a dental procedure.

Use mouthwash

Mouthwash benefits oral health. It contains antibacterial ingredients and plaque resisting elements.

Thus, it reduces the risk of gingivitis significantly.

These easy tips will save your teeth and gums.