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Benefits of Eating foods that are actually good for your teeth

Nobody can deny the importance of brushing teeth twice a day and flossing to keep them healthy and safe from decay.


However, you will be surprised to know that it is not sufficient to achieve excellent dental health. Your teeth are at the risk of forming plaque even when you are not eating something.


The sugar in your food and food particles team up with bacteria and create plaque. The acid produced by plaque damages the upper layer of your teeth called enamel.


Gradually, the teeth develop cavities, and the gums get infected.


It sounds quite scary. However, the sigh of relief is there are some ‘functional food’ that can keep your gums and teeth healthy. Also, it’s better to know who are the top 10 dentist in Mumbai for a visit and find the Best Dentist in Bandra to know in detail.


Milk and cheese


The importance of cheese and milk for healthy teeth because of their high calcium content is known to all. But they have the unique property of neutralizing some of the acid produced by plaque bacteria as well.


It is important not to add sugar the milk as it loses the property of neutralization. Instead, it creates more acid in the mouth.


Nibbling some post-dessert cheese will help in two ways:

  • it produces more saliva that washes some of the bacteria
  • It neutralizes the plaque acid

Hence, drinking a glass of unsweetened milk or having a few cubes of cheese will not just add up to the calcium storage in your body but keep up the good health of your gums and teeth also.


Crunchy food


It requires efforts to chew carrots, cucumbers, apples or green salad, but the benefits you get are many. As they say, “no gain without pain”, you need to eat crunchy food regularly to keep up good the health of the teeth and gums.


Crunchy foods serve as a cleansing mechanism and remove the plaque buildup.


Leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli, and radish leaves are called superfoods. They are rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals, and folic acid. To avoid any teeth problems, you can visit the best dental clinic near you.



Though they are sweet, raisins contain sugar which is not bad for the health of your teeth. Hence, there is no harm in munching it.


Consumption of raisins benefit your teeth because of phytochemicals that kill plaque bacteria.


Sugarless gum


Few years before, chewing gum was considered bad for the teeth and gums, but the recent research confirms that sugarless chewing gum boosts the secretion of saliva and flushes out bacteria.


Include these ‘good foods’ in your diet and have healthy and strong teeth.