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All You Need to Know About Tooth Whitening in Mumbai

Do you look in the mirror and see stained yellow teeth?
Are you craving pearly whites?

Well, fret no more! Tooth whitening is now one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Do you find yourself wondering…. “Is tooth whitening safe?”  Then this article is all for you.

What stains your teeth?­

The most common reasons for teeth to get yellow or stained are:
Using tobacco, Drinking dark-colored liquids such as coffee, cola, tea and red wine.
Not taking good care of your teeth.
As you age, the outer enamel of the teeth becomes thinner and the inner layer becomes visible.

What is our procedure of Teeth Whitening in Khar, Mumbai?

Our Tooth whitening in Khar, lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discoloration. The whole process is a single sitting taking 45 minutes to an hour to get that bright sparkle in your smile. A teeth whitening gel is applied followed by applying a high powered light/laser for 10-15 minutes. This process is repeated 2/3 times varying with each patient.

Does it damage the enamel?

No permanent damage is caused to the enamel or tooth structure. The chemical used for tooth whitening contain hydrogen peroxide. This lightens the pigment inside the enamel of the tooth. It permeates the enamel and works from the inside of the tooth. It does not remove any tooth material.

Does tooth whitening cause sensitivity in teeth?

Sensitivity from tooth whitening is always transient. That means if there is any sensitivity caused by the whitening, it goes away within one to two days after the treatment, and the patient returns to the state prior to starting the whitening process.

How long do our teeth whitening in Khar effects last?

The longevity of tooth whitening treatment in Khar, completely depends on how well the oral hygiene is.Exposing teeth to foods and beverages that cause staining may cause  the whiteness start to fade quicker. Results will last longer if you refrain from things such as coffee, tea and smoking.

Can I whiten my crowns, fillings or veneers?

Whitening will NOT whiten your crowns, caps, fillings or veneers.Whitening gel will only whiten natural teeth. The actual color of the filling, cap, veneer or crown will not be altered. Any restorations on the front teeth may need to be replaced after the whitening process is finished.

Are there any alternatives?

Various whitening products like over-the-counter whitening kit, whitening toothpaste, mouthwashes and home remedies of teeth whitening are available. These alternatives are not­ as effective and also dangerous to use.
Teeth whitening should be ideally performed by a dental professional.

Looking for the long lasting Teeth Whitening in Khar, Mumbai ?