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All about tooth reshaping

What is the prettiest thing you can wear? It is nothing but your smile. However, not everyone is that lucky to wear it with pride.

Misaligned or discolored teeth make it an embarrassment. Earlier, there was no alternative other than living life with an unattractive smile.

Thanks to the development in the modern dentistry, it is an easy thing to get well-shaped, properly aligned teeth in a Cosmetic dental clinic in Mumbai.

Also known as teeth contouring, the treatment carefully adjusts the teeth to create better size and shape to enhance the smile. It can be done either alone or in conjunction with porcelain veneers.

When is it recommended?

Teeth reshaping is recommended when the teeth are out of shape or misaligned.

It is a treatment recommended when the upper teeth have been veneered, and you want to correct the appearance of the lower teeth without using veneers.

In case the lower teeth are crooked, then the cosmetic surgeon fills the tips to make them appear straight and aligned.

Even if you had braces to align the teeth, teeth reshaping could be done to by a Cosmetic Dentist in Mumbai to enhance the contouring further.

The procedure

Doctors reshape the teeth by removing a small amount of enamel to change the length, surface area and shape of the tooth.

It is looked as an alternative to braces to reshape the overlapping teeth.

First, an X-Ray image of the teeth is taken to evaluate the location and size of the pulp and the boney tissue under the enamel. Drills or lasers are used for removal of enamel.

After altering the affected areas, the cosmetic dentist polishes the teeth to make them smooth. The process takes one or two hours.

The area where enamel is removed becomes sensitive. Hence, the doctors numb it.

Once the smoothening is over, a putty-like resin material is used for filling the gaps and reshaping the teeth. The resin improves the color of the teeth as well.

Since the teeth weaken due to the loss of enamel, the cosmetic dentists use veneers to restore the strength and shape.

When you visit one of the top 10 dentist in Mumbai, ask about the procedure used by them.

Care after teeth reshaping

Teeth reshaping is a cost-effective and convenient cosmetic procedure. However, it needs a few changes in the lifestyle.

To reduce the risk of staining and chipping, avoid biting fingernails, eating hard food and chewing pencils.

Avoid excessive smoking, consumption of tea, coffee and red wine to prevent staining.

Brush the teeth at least twice with a toothpaste that contains teeth whitener.