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American Academy Of Cosmetic Dentistry


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Advanced Post Graduate Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry

You will be pleased to meet a young, vibrant and enthusiastic personality. Dr. Krinita has always been very creative, loves painting,cooking, playing the violin and pays extreme importance and attention to detail. Being a health freak, she indulges in regular exercise and excellent eating habits.

She acquired her degree of "Bachelors in Dental Surgery" in 2002 from Government Dental College -Mumbai, one of the best institutions for dentistry in India. Since then she has devoted herself to high quality dental work with a special inclination towards Cosmetic Dentistry. She has completed the "Advanced Post-Graduate course in Aesthetic Dentistry" from Manipal College of Dental Sciences.She is an active member of "The Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry" and the esteemed "American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry ".Thus summing up all the virtues to make a skilled and articulate doctor and cosmetic dentist.